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Condominium Building and Estate Management in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiangmai Properties

successfully manages several condominium communities in the Chiang Mai area and are in discussion to take over the management role of a large housing estate. Senior staff are licensed through the Property Management Association of Thailand

This page describes some of the key services we provide.

Accounting/Budgeting: If not already established, CMP will employ a professional Accounting and Financial Management Team to monitor, oversee, and track all transactions affecting the property. This includes but is not limited to Staff salaries, utilities, operating expenses Common Area Charges (CAM), Security, Land Office and Juristic Fees, Banking, and Insurance, including required monthly and yearly reports to the government.

Inspection and Maintenance: of equipment, systems and facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, electrical, plumbing, communication, septic, elevators, security, parking facilities and condominium grounds. Keeping the infrastructure of the property in the best condition possible will ensure the continuing safety of the condominium population.

Monthly Building and Property Inspection with on-site Manager or Supervisor: CMP will physically conduct walking inspections of the interior and exterior of the property to ensure compliance with Condominium Rules, give notice of violations and ensure conformance to these rules. Violations and required corrections will be reported in writing to the respective owners. If necessary, fines and penalties will be brought to non-conforming properties. CMP will be active in doing this with the idea that we are all partners in making the property and process a mutually beneficial agreement.

Security Procedures (Human and Electronic): If the property is presently without a security system for the building, CMP can establish and maintain a monitored system. Access to the property will be regulated and guidelines established for installing, monitoring and recording visitors, suppliers and others who come onto the property for business or social reasons. Emergency Response Procedures for contacting the nearest local Fire, Medical, and Police services for quick action if needed. These contact services and numbers will be posted in several different areas to ensure timely responses.

Human Resources: Picture Identification will be added to Staff for Cleaning, Security and Front Office. Scheduling and time management will be monitored with the help of computers and, if necessary, a time clock.

Committee Functions: CMP will work with the H.O.A. (Home Owners Association) Committee and its duties, include scheduling of meetings, sending advance notification to the current Owners, the opening, conducting & ending of Monthly and Yearly meetings, and follow up on unfinished and ongoing projects. Individual Homeowner Board Members will be called on to help supervise and/oversee continuing work on enforcements that result from improvements or rules violations. The H.O.A. Board is also responsible for preparation, printing and posting of the Minutes of all meetings. These will be provided in Thai and English. Rules and standards for the Message Boards will be established, and installation of a Suggestion Box is recommended if not already available.

Juristic Manager Responsibility: The Juristic Manager acts as the legal, recognized representative of the building or estate when dealing with government agencies. The Juristic Manager will make available copies of the relevant laws, both local and national, for condominium and estate associations and guide on compliance. Additionally, the Juristic Manager will assist in drafting suitable rules and regulations for the managed condominium building or estate where necessary. Records are maintained with all contact information of individual owners. Regular reports for management activity in maintaining and improving the property are provided to owners.



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To discuss condominium building and estate management further please contact:

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