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B254 - Business for sale in San Klang

For sale - ฿60,000,000.00

Land size 9685 Wah
(38740 M²)
Building size 0 M²
District: San Klang,San Pa Tong,Chiang Mai

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The souvenir shop look from outside

In souvenir shop


Restaurant atmosphere in the garden

In souvenir shop

In souvenir shop

Counter bar in restaurant




Garden and orchid greenhouse

Orchid greenhouse

Full Description:
Thai Botanical Garden is to impart knowledge about monsoon gardening, monsoon farming and monsoon biodiversity.
We are located in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, where we have developed a former longan plantation into a modern
ethno-botanical Thai garden containing fruits, vegetables, trees, and orchids. The planning, design, and research
is an ongoing collaboration with colleagues from abroad. Currently, we collaborate with Chiang Mai University
regarding mushroom research.

Our shop is made from teak wood, which was taken from old houses, and the design by local architects is inspired by
the Northern Thai Lanna style. In our shop you will find only products of the highest quality (e.g., antiques, wood, silk,
cotton, and mother of pearl). We also have some biological literature, including Flora of Thailand, which we sell without
profit to promote knowledge of plants.

Our Thai botanical garden is compact (only 24 rai or 4 hectares or 10 acres) and mostly flat. This enables the visitor to
focus on the plants, rather than on physical discomfort in the tropical heat. Sip a glass of wine or fruit juice while slowly
strolling and reading information about 500 selected tropical species and varieties. Our gardeners are experienced farmers,
so, with our interpreters, you may gain insight into authentic Thai farming and the cooking of different crops. You may also
want to paddle around in our antique teak-log canoe, wash the water buffalo, or drive the rice tractor - go ahead!

Attractions : Chiang Mai attractions include the following options. At times, it is hard for a short-time visitor to find local
attractions that coincide with their interests. If you like nature, gardening, food, history, hand craft, and local traditions.
Our network of friends in villages, temples, universities, and national parks will be most useful.

Hang Dong food market - 4 km., Hang Dong Ban Tawai - 4 km., Opkhan National Park - 6 km., The Night Safari - 15 km.,
The Royal Flora Show - 15 km., Doi Suthep National Park , Tweechol Botanical Garden in Doi Saket - 42 km.,
The Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden in Mae Rim - 46 km.

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Property is located in San Klang,San Pa Tong,Chiang Mai (roughly bounded by the shaded rectangle)

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