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Chiang Mai Properties Maid Service

Chiang Mai Properties Maid Service

Pioneering Efficient and Effective Cleaning

By Chiang Mai Properties Maid Service has a strategic partnership with one of the world’s largest cleaning equipment suppliers, The company has implemented efficient equipment. And modern to use in cleaning services. In addition, the company also provides training to personnel that will provide cleaning services before they actually operate in the area. Which is a guarantee of quality that Jobs at the company Being assigned by you will be the work that will make you most satisfied.

Our partner had this to say about us:

“I am totally amazed at the tremendous results from the services that Chiang Mai Properties Maid Service provides as well as the senior management’s continuous investment into streamlining their company processes and quality control methodology.

We are extremely proud to be working in close partnership with The Chiang Mai Cleaning Company and are committed to working closely with their customers also to ensure we deliver total satisfaction”


  • Hard surface restoration and polish
  • Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Protection & Conditioning


  • Daily cleaning maintence
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • End of tenancy or new tenancy spring cleans
  • Window surface cleaning – inside and outside


  • Cleaning, sealing, repair, polishing and restoration of natural stone surfaces
  • Marble crystallization
  • Sealant and protection surfaces

Not just cleaning But we pay attention to every detail of the service

The company is aware of the importance of the training department. And human resource development (HRD), which has a duty to be responsible for training and development of personnel in various departments to have knowledge, skills (Skill) in the operation to meet the specified standards. To keep up with the changes And the needs of customers Including the ability (Ability) and a good attitude (Attitude) to work. The company also has a policy of selecting personnel. Aged between 21-35 years, which the company Not just focusing on talent But also emphasizing honesty, diligence, and kindness to increase work efficiency

Quality work team

What is an important part of the service must have a service mind to clean. Chiang Mai emphasizes and specifically emphasizes the above mentioned, so we focus on training the maid to pay attention to every detail. In providing services to customers primarily with strict training in every step Including the allocation of a team to suit the job Therefore resulting in quality work And makes employees love the service they are good at Serve customers with true willingness. Have a good personality Smiling face And ready to service With customers all the time —- getting cleaned in Chiang Mai

Think of us Chiang Mai properties Maid Service

Chiang Mai Properties

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